Accommodation in a hotel is not always possible, or the price may often seem too high. As an alternative, a tent can also prove to be too exposed or unsafe. The Container Hotel combines the benefits of both choices in a new way that functions even in the most challenging environments. Comfortability, affordability and accessibility, create a competitive option that redefines the possibilities of modern accommodation.

Comfort to the challenges


The frame of the unit is a standard-sized ISO-container. It enables mobility on ground, water and air and thus the accommodation can be located to almost any place where needed. In addition, the Container Hotel does not require any municipal infrastructure, only a flat surface is sufficient. Accommodation in the Container Hotel is arranged in japanese-style sleeping capsules. These comfortable, disturbance-free and insulated capsules guarantee an excellent sleep regardless of the surrounding area.

Universal and compact


One unit can contain 18 sleeping capsules and 20 storage-boxes for personal belongings. Other types of housing cannot offer such quality and efficient use of space as the Container Hotel, which can accommodate more people to a desired located than ever before. To ensure safety, the sleeping capsules and storage-boxes are equipped with a personal lock and key. In addition, the capsules can be opened in any circumstances from the inside, so getting stuck is not a possibility.

Efficiency and security